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  • Every bat has a hardened barrel, unique
    to Bear Valley Bats.
"Inspected by More Umpires Than Any Other Bat Manufacturer"
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"Absolutely love, love the bat!  Will probably order another for spring.  Ball jumps off the bat noticeably when squared up and sounds great.  
Even a few mis-hits had enough on them to fall.  Hit a few in spots that would have broken lesser bats.  A few guys on the team asked me
about the bat as well.  I definitely forwarded them to  BVB.  Customer for life" - Sept 2018
*Heartwood Barrel Upgrades
Available Now!*
--Fully Customizable Handles and
Custom Labeling Available on All
Fully Custom Exotic Wood Trophy
All of our clients, not just the pros, can order a
heartwood barrel upgrade. This upgrade requires
the skill of an experienced bat-maker and of
course, premium wood quality.  And in fact, these
upgrades cannot be completed with consistent
premium quality unless they are made by hand.
No computer can replace the experienced eye of
a skilled bat-maker.
Custom Made Bats from the Wood YOU Provide!

For those who truly want a unique professional grade
baseball bat, Bear Valley Bats regularly makes custom
bats for clients from the wood they provided! (Providing
the wood is not necessary to purchase a custom-made
Bear Valley Bat.)

We have made bats from Red Mulberry, White Oak,
Pearwood, Mountain Mahogany, and other species
shipped to us by our clients. It is the best experience for
those who demand truly custom made bats. Think about
using your own custom made bats made from a
home-grown tree!

If you are not sure about the quality of the wood or
the tree species, just drop us an email or give us a
call. We will not make a bat from inferior wood
UNLESS it is for trophy or display purposes.
We do not have any pre-made bats on shelves
waiting to be sold as "custom made bats."  
Putting your name on a pre made bat is hardly
what we consider, "Custom made to the
specifications of our customers."
Now Available!!
Now Available!!

Regis, a former UCLA Bruin second baseman and the 2014 MVP of the European League,    
went last weekend (armed with his BEAR VALLEY BATS) to tryouts for the Diamondbacks.  
The Diamondbacks are happy he did!

Regis ended his tryout with an impressive 6 for 7 hitting display ---using his fully
custom-made, pro-grade European Beech bat made for him by BEAR VALLEY BATS!

The bat REGIS used at this tryout is made from our professional grade European Beech.
REGIS and one of our bat-makers designed his bats just for this tryout.
REGIS is no stranger to BEAR VALLEY BATS.

We have been designing and making his bats for some time now. REGIS used
our custom, hand-made Canadian Yellow Birch bats to hit his way to the 2014 European MVP
Award, (see photo left).

Congratulations again to Cody REGIS! We know how hard you worked for this!
Proudly Made in the USA!
Proudly Made in the USA!